Treat Tendon Tear and Tendonitis Knee Pain

The experience of knee pain often depends on its cause. Balance Health Medical, a chiropractor Midtown, notes that damage that accumulates slowly, for example, tends to result in aches and stiffness. A sudden injury, on the other hand, is a shock to the system that can set off the body's alarms in a show-stopping way. The latter response is common for injuries like tendon tears and tendonitis.  

Runner suffering from knee pain The Role of Tendons in the Knee

Tendons connect muscle to bone. In the knee, there are tendons associated with the quadriceps and hamstrings. These tendons connect the muscles to the tibia bone, which is on the other side of the joint from those muscles. This arrangement allows the power of the large thigh muscles to act on the knee.  

Tendon Inflammation and Tears

  Commonly referred to as tendinitis, tendon inflammation in the knee is a painful and debilitating condition. It can be caused by athletic activities that involve repetitive actions such as jumping, but can also result from the challenges of daily life. These are traumatic injuries that result from things like extreme twisting while on the run, overextension of the knee, or too much directly applied force. Even though many people who get this type of injury are sports players or gym buffs, others can get the same kind of knee trouble through accidents and general mishaps.

Treatment for Knee Tendon Injuries

  Initial treatment for tendinitis and knee strains is typically the same: PRICE. This stands for Protect, Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate. Doing these things helps to control early pain and swelling. These steps are typically taken at home.

Chiropractic Care for Knee Tendon Injuries at Balanced Health Medical  

Care at Balanced Health Medical typically begins after the acute stage of the injury – the first 48-72 hours – has passed. Then, the knee is examined and a treatment plan is devised. This can involve joint manipulation or spinal adjustments to correct skeletal imbalances, but is more likely to focus on physical therapy, massage, and other methods that focus on the soft tissue.   The goal of your therapy at our Manhattan chiropractor office depends on your own goals. If you’re an athlete, you'll likely want to work towards regaining your full performance potential, but if you usually lead a sedentary life, you may be quite happy just to be free of pain during daily activities. Plans are devised to meet these disparate needs.  

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