Spinal Trauma Care from Our Midtown Chiropractor

Damage to your spine is known as spinal trauma. When you have trauma, you can end up having persistent back or neck pain that can be severe at times. This pain might prevent you from participating in certain kinds of activities, such as sports, or even give you trouble doing daily tasks. Our Midtown chiropractor offers nonsurgical, effective care for discomfort caused by trauma.

Spinal Trauma Care from Our Midtown Chiropractor

Causes of Spinal Trauma

Spinal trauma can occur from acute injuries to your spine, such as when you are in a car accident or when you fall. However, injuries are not the only possible cause of damage to your spine. You can also have trauma that develops over time due to underlying conditions that weaken your spine, such as osteoporosis. The aging process can also cause conditions that make your spine more prone to damage, such as spinal stenosis. 

Signs of Spinal Trauma

The symptoms of spinal trauma vary based on where damage has occurred and how severe it is. You might experience mild to severe pain in the affected area, or you might have weakness in that area. Other symptoms that might occur include muscle spasms or changes in sensation due to nerve damage. Pain associated with trauma can become chronic when left untreated. 

Treatment for Spinal Trauma from Our Chiropractic Doctor

Spinal injuries of any kind require prompt medical care to lower the risk of paralysis and other complications. If you have already seen a physician for treatment and are still experiencing ongoing pain and other symptoms, chiropractic care and similar treatments might help. Our chiropractic doctor can perform manual adjustments that bring your spine into alignment. Injuries can cause parts of your spine to become misaligned, which leads to pressure on nerves and inflammation. Realigning your spine takes pressure off these nerves and eases inflammation. 

Our chiropractor might have other recommendations for treatment at Balanced Health Medical that can also help you improve. These might include physical therapy to help strengthen your back muscles and keep your spine flexible or massage therapy to help ease muscle tension. These treatments can enhance the effects of spinal adjustments. Our doctor will also discuss ways for you to manage your condition and lower the risk of having chronic pain, such as making lifestyle changes. 

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If you have pain from spinal trauma and are near the NYC 10022 area, please contact Balanced Health Medical to schedule an appointment. Our chiropractor, Dr. John Calabria, can help you find relief from chronic pain and other symptoms. Visit our convenient location, which is just a few blocks away from Rockefeller Center and the Upper East Side.



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