Get Relief from Shin Splints with our Midtown East and Midtown West Chiropractors

Shin splints are an annoyance that can make it difficult for the sufferer to walk around without being in pain. At Balanced Health Medical, located in New York City, NY, we have three Midtown chiropractors that folks rely on for easing the pangs of shin splints. 

Man suffering from shin splints Shin Splints Issues

Shin splints occur when the muscles, tendons or periosteum tissues surrounding the tibias or shin bones become irritated, producing inflammation and sharp pain…Sometime it is a merger of all three. People experience this discomfort on the front or inside edge of the legs between the knees and ankles. Usually, this problem is connected to individuals who participate in intense physical activities.  

Symptoms Associated With Shin Splints

The symptoms of this condition include:

  • Sharp pain 
  • Throbbing 
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness when the affected area is touched

Causes of Shin Splints

This condition can manifest when individuals place repeated and persistent pressure on the shin bone. People, who forget to warm-up properly before their workout or overexert themselves while performing physical activities instead of gradually increasing their movements until their body is ready to advance, might be guilty of these types of actions. Other catalysts for wear and tear on the tibia include people who fail to wear proper footwear while engaging in strenuous work or play and people who have abnormalities of the feet.  

High Risk Groups for Shin Problems

The people who have a higher risk of developing issues with their shin include runners, especially those who run on hard or irregular surfaces. Dancers, athletes, those born with flatfeet and occasionally those who love to shop until they drop can suffer from medial tibial stress syndrome.     

Chiropractic Care To Relieve Shin Splint Pain

It is a good idea to go to our chiropractor to discover how you can ease the pain of shin splints. They will be able to evaluate your musculoskeletal structure and determine the areas that require alignment to take the pressure off the tibia.

Stretching of the calf muscles and as well as strengthening exercises will be recommended to boost the blood flow to the area for faster healing and prevention of future injuries.  Our specialist could also recommend gentle massages, acupuncture, nutritional counseling and follow-up appointments as part of the program.    

Schedule an Appointment with Balanced Health Medical     

If you are dealing with shin splints, contact our Manhattan chiropractors, Drs. Sidney Inkelis, John Calabria, or Frances Sariya for treatment at Balanced Health Medical in New York, NY. For your convenience, we provide services to the surrounding area, including Manhattan, Rockefeller Center and Hell’s Kitchen. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment today, call us at (212) 755-1717.


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