Do You Have Morton's Neuroma or Other Foot or Ankle Pain?

Morton's Neuroma is one of many conditions that can cause foot and ankle pain. Foot pain is an insidious condition not only because it's painful, but because it affects the way you move your entire body. Our goal at Balanced Health Medical in Manhattan is to ease or stop your pain while assisting your body's natural ability to heal.

Morton's Neuroma or Other Foot or Ankle Pain

How Does Morton's Neuroma Happen--And Why Is Chiropractic Care Uniquely Fitted for Curing It?

While there isn’t an official consensus on what causes Morton’s Neuroma, four out of five sufferers are women, and high heels are a common factor. The most likely cause, in any case, is from cramped feet and that can be due to footwear or certain working conditions. These conditions result in bones that irritate a nerve in the foot. Symptoms include ankle pain, limping, or a feeling like you are constantly "stepping on a pebble".

The long bones in the feet--the metatarsals--move towards each other and trap or rub against one of the plantar nerves. The nerve then gets thicker.

Steroids and other anti-inflammatory treatments only give temporary relief. Insoles—even specialty medical insoles—typically do not relieve the condition.

What Makes a Chiropractor Uniquely Qualified for Fixing Morton's Neuroma?

The problem here isn't one of an infection, virus, or something working wrong on a cellular level. Those are all things that an MD is used to treating--and they are typically pretty good at it. And sometimes surgery is successful—although in 30% of cases it is not. In any case, surgery is not the first choice for most people.

When it comes to problems caused by bone alignment, that's where a chiropractor works best. Chiropractic care treats your entire musculoskeletal system, as well as certain nerve problems that arise for misaligned bones or inflamed soft tissue.

The key to treating Morton's neuroma is typically to gently and naturally work on your feet so that your bones are re-aligned and your plantar nerve nerve has more 'breathing room". And of course, chiropractic NYC treatment works for other foot and ankle conditions that require re-alignment and pain relief.

Get Started: See a Midtown Chiropractor for Foot and Ankle Pain Relief

With two Doctors of Chiropractic and an M.D., you're in good hands at Balanced Health Medical. Midtown Chiropractor Dr. John Calabria has been in private practice in New York since 1998. Dr. Elijah Manfredi is a multi-lingual chiropractor in NYC who is fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish. And our medical doctor, Dr. Sidney Inkelis, M.D., has been practicing medicine since 1977. They are all here to help you with your ankle pain or other foot problems, no matter what the cause, or what treatment is necessary.

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