Leg Numbness

Numbness in the legs can be a scary situation, particularly if you think you are suffering from any other common health issues. Our Midtown chiropractor at Balanced Health Medical may help to address this issue and to ensure you aren't suffering from a serious problem. 

Man with leg numbness after running.

Symptoms of Severe Leg Numbness 

Occasional leg numbness isn't a big deal, but more persistent numbness may be a serious issue. A few of the most common symptoms of problematic numbness include:

  • Tingling in the legs 
  • A burning sensation that spreads 
  • Tickling without a reason 
  • Itching that won't go away 
  • A feeling of crawling under your skin

Common Issues That Can Cause Numb Legs

There are many problems that vary in severity that may cause numb legs. Just a few of these common problems include:

  • Poor Posture – Sometimes, bad posture can cause temporary numbing by briefly reducing the blood flow to your legs.
  • Static Lifestyle – Sitting for too long with crossed legs or knees may cause your legs to feel numb for a short time.
  • Standing Too Long – Excessive standing can make your legs numb by cutting off your blood flow for a brief period.
  • Injuries – Getting injured in various parts of the body, particularly from your waist down, can cause leg numbness.

Other issues, such as diabetes, alcohol use, lower back problems, tarsal tunnel syndrome, peripheral artery disease, and even abnormal growths can cause numbness in the legs. However, there are more serious issues that could cause this problem. Thankfully, even these more serious issues can be managed by high-quality and precise chiropractic care by our trained specialists. 

How Chiropractic Care Can Help 

If you are suffering from leg numbness and are worried its a symptom of something more serious, talk to our Manhattan chiropractor in  NYC right away. Our specialists can provide you with comprehensive care that manages this issue and ensures that you are healthy. 

We will examine your body to note if any of the common health problems we mentioned are affecting you. And if they are affecting you, we will perform various subtle manipulations to help manage these issues and bring feeling back to your leg. Just as importantly, we can help identify more severe problems that require medical attention to treat. 

Managing Your Leg Numbness With our Midtown Chiropractor

At Balanced Health Medical, we can provide you with a comprehensive care package that can keep you from any serious issues that could affect your overall health. So please don't hesitate to contact us at (212) 755-1717 if you are suffering from numbness in your legs to get the treatment you need. We provide chiropractic in 10022 and surrounding areas od Midtown, Manhattan, Hell’s Kitchen, and Rockfeller Center.


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