Infertility in New York, NY

Infertility is a complicated challenge for individuals who want to have children. When you are struggling to get pregnant, you want to address the underlying problems that may contribute to your infertility. By working with a chiropractor in the Upper East Side or Rockefeller Center area, you take steps to improve your health and increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Woman laying in bed with Infertility pain.

What Causes Infertility?

The underlying cause of infertility depends on your situation. It may relate to health concerns on the part of a woman or a man, so the specific treatment recommended by a doctor in the Upper East Side depends on your needs and the factors contributing to an inability for a woman to get pregnant. In many cases, it relates to health concerns. For example, cancer treatments may cause infertility due to the medications or the removal of tissue. Alternatively, it may relate to environmental factors, like heavy pollution in your environment. 

Chiropractic Treatments in NYC

While the underlying causes of the problem vary, chiropractic treatments in NYC help you address the situation. A chiropractor in our clinic offers treatments to residents living in the 10020, 10017, 10019, 10022 and 10036 zip codes. We help you identify the cause of the problem and then take steps to help your body heal and recover to correct the situation.

We may use adjustments to help improve the function of your body. By ensuring your body is properly aligned, you improve circulation and help your body heal. The treatment also reduces stress and pressure on your nerves, which may help when the problem stems from a high-stress lifestyle.

Acupuncture for Fertility in Midtown

Although we use chiropractic care for your treatment, we may also recommend acupuncture for residents of Midtown and the Upper East Side area of NYC. Acupuncture helps with your goal of having a child by improving specific health conditions that may reduce your fertility. For example, it may help with thyroid conditions that complicate pregnancy in women. Although the treatment does not help with every factor contributing to infertility, it directly treats some health concerns that may limit fertility or contribute to a miscarriage. 

The goal of acupuncture is supporting your body's health and well-being. By reducing the impact of certain conditions or improving your body's health, the treatments may improve the chances of getting pregnant.

Meet with Our Chiropractor for Fertility Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatments for problems with fertility use natural and holistic strategies to address common problems with your ability to conceive or maintain a pregnancy. While it doesn't treat every problem, it does improve your situation and supports further treatments from a doctor.

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