Facet Joint Dysfunction Care in Midtown NYC

The facet joints along your spine provide stability and bear a lot of weight when you move around. Problems with these joints can cause facet joint dysfunction, which can lead to pain and other symptoms that interfere with your day-to-day life. Our chiropractor in Midtown NYC can provide you with safe and effective care to help ease these symptoms and reduce the risk of chronic pain. 

Facet Joint Dysfunction Care in Midtown NYC

Causes of Facet Joint Dysfunction

When your facet joints are in good condition, they help you move and bend your back smoothly and without any discomfort. Problems that affect these joints can occur due to injuries, underlying conditions or wear and tear, especially as you get older. Wear and tear is among the most common causes of facet joint dysfunction. These joints can easily become worn over time, since they move around so much and bear so much weight. If you have arthritis, these joints can become inflamed, which causes ongoing discomfort and stiffness. 

Symptoms of Facet Joint Dysfunction

The symptoms of this condition can cause neck or back pain on a regular basis or from time to time. You might have chronic pain in the affected part of your spine, as well as a loss of flexibility that limits your range of motion. Pain usually becomes worse when you try to lean back. In addition to back pain, you might have soreness that travels down your flank and thigh if the affected joints are in the lower spine. If the affected joints are in the upper spine, you might have soreness in your shoulders and arms, along with upper back and neck pain.

Treatment for Facet Joint Dysfunction from Our Chiropractic Doctor

Typical treatments for facet joint dysfunction include over-the-counter pain medications and heat or ice. When these types of treatment are not effective, our chiropractic doctor can help. Chiropractic care includes spinal adjustments to restore alignment to the entire length of your spine, including the affected facet joints. These adjustments support natural healing that can ease inflammation and lower the risk of recurring pain. Our chiropractor might also have you do massage therapy, physical therapy or other treatments at Balanced Health Medical for long-term relief. You will also receive guidance on preventing pain through lifestyle changes, such as stretching exercises and improving your posture.

Visit Our NYC Chiropractor for Back Pain Relief

If you have back pain from facet joint dysfunction, please call Balanced Health Medical at (212) 755-1717 to make an appointment. Our NYC chiropractor offers nonsurgical, drug-free treatment for back and neck pain, so you can enjoy relief. Our location in the 10022 ZIP code is near the Upper East Side and Rockefeller Center.


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